Colin Firth impressed with wife`s recycled Golden Globes gown

London: `The King`s Speech` star Colin Firth says he is impressed by his wife, who recycled her first gown, to the Golden Globes this month.

The Oscar winner`s eco-warrior wife Livia created the Green Carpet Challenge three years ago in an effort to make the world`s biggest fashion houses less wasteful and she debuted her latest initiative - made out of plastic bottles - at the Globes, Daily Express reported.

She gave top designers like Armani, Tom Ford and Paul Smith the challenge to dress her for the awards season using only recycled materials and vintage couture.

"It was made of recycled plastic bottles and it feels like silk. This is something absolutely extraordinary. It`s a completely pioneering exercise. She`s launched this all by herself and she now has created an army around her... She challenged herself so that everything she wore would be sustainable," he said.