Daniel Radcliffe wishes to get tattoo

London: Daniel Radcliffe wishes to get a tattoo of Samuel Beckett`s famous quote on his upper body but is apprehensive of parents` reaction because they have strictly said no to tattoos.

The `Harry Potter` star, who is a huge fan of body art, said his parents would be extremely furious if got to know about it, reportedly.

"I want the line from Beckett, `Try, fail, try again and fail better`, either on my arm or chest. Although I shouldn`t really talk about tattoos in case my mum and dad hear about it," he said.

The 24-year-old star thinks tattoos are "really, really cool", although he is not such a fan of Harry Styles` multitude of random inkings, which include a ship, a giant butterfly and a pair of matching branches on his hips.

"Like prison tattoos? Isn`t that what you have when you`ve done five years?" Daniel said jokingly on `One Direction` singer`s tattoo.

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