Dannii Minogue believes in fashion recycling

London: Dannii Minogue often gives away her clothes to friends and family as she says it`s important to ‘recycle’ fashion.

The Australian beauty thinks it`s good idea for other people to be able to use her clothes in their own way, reports a website.

"It`s important for beautiful clothes to keep moving. When I have exhausted a piece, it`s loaned to friends or given away," she said.

"Recycling is in fashion and fashion is in recycling, whether it is referencing style or, in our case, passing on the actual item," she added.

Dannii, 39, says she often swaps clothes with her sister Kylie and her mother because they are all the same size.

"Kylie, mum and I have different styles, but we`re similar in size and there are lots of items we all like. We can easily buy for each other and often share clothes," she said.