Daughters inherit ‘love of high heels’ from their mums

London: A new study has revealed that a daughter’s passion for high heels could be inherited from her mother.

According to department store Debenhams, balance, poise and choice of shoe is hereditary.

The study observed consumer trends and discovered that there are striking links between a mother and daughter``s fashion tastes and their ability to walk in heels.

Whereas 92 percent of those related provided matching answers when asked about their perfect choice of shoe from the colour to the style, those who were unrelated produced a wide range of answers, showing greater statistical variance.

“Whether it’s genetics or training in teenage years, we may never know, but it’s clear that the saying "like mother like daughter" applies to walking in heels,” the Daily Mail quoted Natelle Baddeley, head of accessories design at Debenhams, as saying.


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