David Beckham regrets past haircuts

Updated: Sep 28, 2012, 08:56 AM IST

London: Footballer David Beckham admits some of his previous haircuts have been "mistakes".

The 37-year-old is famous for regularly changing his look but admits now he wouldn`t sport the mohican hairstyle that he had in 2002 or the cornrow style from 2003 again.

"There have been one or two haircuts that were close to the mark, that I look back on and think were mistakes. Not mistakes, but different to what I`d do now. But I`m a lot older now," a website has quoted Beckham as saying.

"I think the cornrows were something a bit different, but I was in holiday mode when I had them done - I was with a friend who`s a hairdresser and very good at cornrows. So I thought, `Why not do that?` I think I`d had a glass of wine or two. And I`d have to say the mohican. I wouldn`t do them now but at the time they felt good," he added.