David Beckham to earn more for daughter

London: Soccer ace David Beckham says he has to earn lots of money to keep six-month-old daughter Harper dressed in expensive designer outfits.

Beckham, 36, who has recently signed a new two-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy, said it’s a relief because fashion designer wife Victoria likes to dress the six-month-old tot in expensive clothes, a website has reported.

"I`ve obviously got three amazing boys and with boys you can throw them around and Harper is obviously my first girl and I`m more careful.

"Her wardrobe is incredible already. I`m glad I`ve got a two year contract," he said.

Another reason he decided to re-sign with the LA Galaxy is because his family is happy in America.

"I didn`t take it lightly as I had offers from other clubs around the world and at 36 you don`t expect it. But it was best for my family. We love living in LA at the moment, we love living in America and we have adapted to the culture and at the moment we didn`t want to leave," he added.