Designer pays tribute to armed forces

Updated: Aug 29, 2010, 12:00 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: Fashion designer Vijay Arora stole the show on the second day of the ongoing Van Heusen India Men’s Fashion Week, as he came out with an unparalleled uber-chic military fashion ‘Men in Uniform’ collection. The impel was to present an ode to the Indian Armed Forces on completion of 63 years of country’s glorious Independence.

Vijay’s entire collection was spread and divided into three parts in terms of look, feel and colours. It was a salutation in style to the Army, Air Force and the Navy.

The Army look was spicy, earthy and rooted. With liberal use of sage, khaki, olive, chocolate and coffee, it acquired a controlled distressed look with flashes of military insignia. The ingenious art of camouflage was given a new discreet twist as it peeked out from shirt collars & epaulets, bandhgala necklines, sherwani pockets and pathan suit plackets.

Cargo pants & Jodhpur denim jeans was combined cleverly with the uppers to make a statement that was dramatic yet contained. Stitching details were used extensively and faux leather patches made their appearance alongside denim trims in the jungle of camouflage.

The Air Force flies high in colours of the sky! Myriad shades of blue merge with steel grey and ebony to form a palette that resonates with the ever-changing hues of the skies. A pair of wings, wreaths and other insignia details was re-created to adorn the garments. Shirts, denim bandhgalas, short shervanis and various styles of jodhpurs vie with each other for attention. Camouflage in midnight blue, black and slate was used with restraint.

The Naval collection was all about linear and formal in pristine white and blue marine. Texturing through stitching techniques was used alongside the anchor symbol. Aligarhi pants with short kurtas, shirts and bandh galas form the repertoire of this section conveying a look that was clean, streamlined and elegant.

Fabrics used for all three collections were cotton, spun silk, wool, denim and linen.

On the whole, this collection looked totally in sync with the world-wide fashion trends.