Did Sarah Palin get a boob job?

London: A picture of Sarah Palin in a tight-fitting white t-shirt has paved way for rumours that the former Governor of Alaska has undergone breast enlargement surgery.

The pic, taken at the Belmont Stakes race in New York last week, has sparked a debate online, with bloggers trying to work out if Palin has gone under the knife.

"We can report with confidence that at least two people with experience in having breasts say that Sarah Palin sure looks like she was trotting out some new work at the horse races on Sunday," The Telegraph quoted the website Wonkette as saying.

"Sarah usually favours structured, bust-hiding jackets (probably to avoid this very situation) so it`s possible that we`re just not used to seeing her clingy shirts. If her chest has increased in size since `08, my best guess is that it`s no more than a single-cup amplification," the site added.

Gawker also remarked that the former vice presidential candidate was looking bustier than usual, but cautioned, "detailed analysis reveals that, from some angles at the Belmont, the breasts didn`t look quite so huge."