Dusky beauty Chitrangada Singh finds fairness creams `unfair`

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Chitrangada Singh, the Indian beauty personified recently turned down an offer to promote a fairness cream.

Despising the act of cosmetic brands which only reinstate among the Indian society the obsession with fairer skin, Bollywood actress Chitrangada came down heavily on such brands with her fairness war cry.

A source close to the actress revealed, “A few days ago, a cosmetics company that specialises in fairness creams, offered her a large sum to endorse their product. Since Chitrangda is dusky, they felt their target audience would buy the product if the actress endorsed it. However, she was clear she didn’t want to send out the wrong impression to fans and consumers.”

The actress later confirmed, “I refused the offer because I am happy the way I am. I love my skin colour. I am dusky and truly Indian, and I’m happy to stay that way.”

She added, “I don’t believe in this whole ‘fair skin’ concept. The bias against dark complexion is unfair. I don’t think changing your colour changes the person you are. Why should we be made to apologise for how we are or be judged by the colour of our skin?”

Well said Chitrangada!

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