Ellie Goulding `petrified` of cosmetic surgery

London: Singer Ellie Goulding is flaunting a curvaceous figure these days and she insists she hasn`t gone under the knife for it as she is "petrified" of surgical cosmetic procedures.

The `Burn` hitmaker says her right curves are a result of altering her "obsessive" exercise regime and going vegetarian, suggest reports.

There were rumours doing the rounds that Goulding had sought a breast enhancement surgery, but when asked about it, she told a magazine: "I`m petrified of anything like that. My friends will think that`s hilarious.

"I ran every day for seven months, maybe too obsessively, and when I stopped I became curvier. My b**bs look bigger because my waist is smaller. People underestimate how you can shape your body.

"Since I stopped eating meat and fish, my body is better than ever."

Goulding believes her vegetarian diet has helped her feel healthier and calmer.

"I feel calmer, clean, although I drink and smoke. And - touch wood - I never get ill on tour anymore. And it`s always hectic," she said.