Emma Watson, the make-up artist

London: Actress Emma Watson loves to apply cosmetics to her friends and family. Also, she doesn`t mind sharing her beauty tips with them.

"I love doing make-up. I did my mum`s make-up for all her job interviews and whenever I go out, I do their make-up too. My specialty? I like quite a natural look, but I do everything really," she told glamour.com.

"People underestimate the power of an eyebrow. I recently got my friend into penciling hers in, which she thought was such a strange concept at first," she said.

And Watson advises people not to listen to everything they are told.

"Don`t listen to everyone. It`s kind of overwhelming, especially with your diet and skincare. You get so many different pieces of advice, you don`t know what to listen to. I think people need to judge what works for them and trust their intuition," she said.