Expert Makeup Tips With Latest Products

Expert Makeup Tips With Latest Products

Gunjan Gaur

Each year we encounter latest trends in makeup with new inventions in its products. These discoveries and trends can be of great help to people who often look out for hiding their flaws and making themselves a bit more beautiful…every time they opt for makeup. What are the latest inventions and trends in makeup, is being revealed by Permanent Makeup expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Gunjan Gaur. Read on.

*A lip-plumper is the best product to start your lip-do as they make your lips plump and poutier in a jiffy to compliment your lip-color a bit more. A lip-plumper will endow you with a bee-stung set of smoochers; just keep it for five minutes to feel a light sensation on your lips and be ready to flaunt an extensively plump “Jolie” Pout!

*To be the limelight of any party, catch hold of a Luminizer – a highlighter with a lot of sheen. This cosmetic is meant to diffuse light on your face to infuse a healthy glow, use these to tackle the darkening areas of your face. Also, is advisable to keep your makeup base as matte as possible to enhance the effect of your luminizers used. This would allow your makeup to not look cakey and sweaty. You can apply luminizer on the corner of your eyes if you’re a victim of dark-circles to make your peepers appear brighter. One can use it on the corner of your lips, bridge of the nose, above the cheekbones and eyelids too to wave off similar woes.

*One more makeup-quick fix for your dark-circles woes – emerges as Light Reflecting Concealers. What they do is to fill-in the sunken eyes and bounce-back the light for you to catch-hold of a perfect picture everytime. So, just use an ounce of it instead of your regular concealer to forget all your “dark-fantasies” and emerge all fresh and shining!

*Using bronzer on the certain parts of you face as easiest way to look sassy and sexy; while also shedding three pounds from your face in a jiffy.  It’ll give out a glowing, sun-kissed tan look. Incept doing it by this making a 3 (numeric three) on either sides of you face –used for contouring forehead, cheekbones and jaw-line.

*Use a cream eye-shadow followed by patting-on with powdered eye-shadow for bright yet subtle avatar.  This makes way for a perfect smokey look to pop-out fabulously while intensifying any shadow hue you apply on your peepers. It also gives longevity to your eye-do; while emerging long-lasting till the party ends!



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