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Mumbai: Amy Fernandes finds that FarFetch is a one-stop shopping site that takes the merchandise from the world`s most discerning fashion boutiques and makes it available to anyone, regardless of geographic location.

When you’re surfing and you come across a website called Farfetch, you do a retake.  Is that for real? is for real, as it happens.  It is an online luxury superstore that onnects the consumer with more than 250 multi-brand designer boutiques the world over. It boasts over 105,000 products and 2000 plus, brands.  All of this at a click of a button. Susanne Tide-Frater, its brand and strategy director who was in town with Paul Brine, marketing director, recently, corrects the popular notion of ‘farfetch’. 

“ Farfetch in this context means fetching from afar.”   Founded by Jose Neves, from Portugal, the project was launched in 2008, when he married both his passions, technology and fashion, to produce a global fashion destination online.

The logistics of connecting 250 boutiques worldwide could turn out to be a nightmare to most, but they seem to have got it pat.

“Selling from brick and mortar to web, is hugely different, and yet, similar,” says Paul Brine. It has the same rigorous quality control, variety of brands, (in fact much more), but delivery is the key when you shop online. Which means when you order a product, a seamless backend energy will ensure it is delivered within the time specified.

So what can a consumer expect from Farfetch? “The idea behind Farfetch,” says Susanne, is to support creativity and diversity in fashion.  We look for individualistic stores,  which is immediate gratification for consumers.” Which is how our very own India based LeMill has joined Farfetch as one of the boutiques.  “The criterion world wide in choosing our boutiques is very simple,” she says, “we look for forward thinking and independent fashion houses who are constantly pushing the boundaries. Who lead more than follow.”  And LeMill has apparently met with all these criteria for the online superstore. In a way it is wonderful that stores from  India will now reach out to a global audience.

And for consumers a broader field to treasure hunt.

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