Feeling Blue? Try some Makeup!

Feeling Blue? Try some Makeup!

Everyday’s hassles, hectic life may leave you all tired and exhausted – leaving you all-drowned in a bad mood. But, you cannot survive in this competitive world while continuing to feel that gloomy; so in order to pep-up the whole situation and your mood; Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms Gunjan Gaur, reveals five super-products and their usage to bring things back on the track!

Pep-up your Peepers: 

Even if you are feeling super-drowsy or angry; let it not show-through your eyes. Let yourself express joy through your eyes; even in a gloomy mood. For this, just apply a bold, dark line of kohl on your water-line to exhibit extreme confidence and follow up with applying colored eye-liners in shades of green, blue etc,. to rev-up the things for you. One can also apply an intensifying mascara to infuse zeal onto the look as well as your perception! 

Pleasant Blush!

Happiness is incomplete without a naughty blush on our face, literally! So, you can infuse some natural flush on your cheeks by using some pinks and pastel shades of blushers. Apart from making your face looking free from worries; it will also chisel up your features and make you appear younger in a jiffy! 

Colour means Cheer: 

Try on some bright shade of red or any hue of neon; like a hot pink or poppy orange to be your friend on that sad day. This will not only make you appear as a happy princess but also cheer you up like no other product. Remember to round-upon a suitable shade to your skin to add on to the joy.

Style your Tresses:

A good hair-day implies sheer happiness. So, in order to make your tresses flowing and spread bliss, go for a head-wash with a nice shampoo followed by conditioning your mane for providing the much-needed nourishment. Now, blow them dry and style as desired – tongs or straight, both will inflect a pleasurable you! 

Fresh and Fragrant:

They say that aroma is known to rev-up your mood by relaxing the nerves of your brain. So, just sprinkle few drops of your favorite perfume/deo to cheer up all over again and say bye to gloominess. It will not only take away the entire bad odour but the sadness too!

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