First date dress is important

Los Angeles: Dress to kill on your first date because it can make or break your partner`s impression about you.

Talking about the importance of dressing perfectly on the first date, George Charles, marketing director of website, said the outfit should be presentable and one should also be comfortable in it, reports

"Although many say `never judge a book by its cover’, it is human nature to do so. With that in mind, what outfit you wear on a first date is likely to give your potential partner a certain impression of you," said Charles.

He also believes that if you wear anything uncomfortable, it will reflect in your personality and it is better to pick something you are comfortable with.

"If you pick something much more glamorous than you would normally wear and feel uncomfortable, it’s going to show. It’s best to pick something that you feel great in and, chances are, you’ll look great too," Charles said.

"If you aren’t sure what to wear on your first date, get some opinions on different outfits from friends and family," he added.

He also mentioned that for women wearing a red dress is preferable, while men can opt for neutral grey.