Five basic beauty mistakes we make

Five basic beauty mistakes we make
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Looking good at every point of time has become an inevitable necessity in today’s fashionable world. And, as a sure-shot route towards ultimate beauty lies in possessing a clean and clear skin – we all vie to get it in every possible way. But, while in the quest of obtaining a superb skin we also tend indulge in actions that may not prove beneficial for your skin in the long run – just for the sake of it. Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, reveals five such skin-hair care blunders for you.

Not removing your makeup properly:

Gunjan GlamtalkSleeping with our makeup on is the last thing we should ever do. As our skin keeps producing sebum while we sleep – this oil when encounters your face’s dirt, grime and makeup could lead to acne, blackheads, whiteheads and more… Also, our skin needs to some ‘breathing-space’ too – and night being the best time when it replenishes itself, we can certainly leave it naked with just a moisturizer – and see the visible results, the very next morning on your face!

Washing your face with too hot/cold water:

Any extreme temperature in water – when used for washing your face can certainly be a cause of sensitivity or breakouts. Using very hot water on your face can make your skin-pores open, which allows all the dirt to sit and make way for acne. While you may experience flakiness and itchiness if you use very cool water on the skin. Therefore, the way out is to settle down for a lukewarm water for a perfect cleansing purpose.

Leaving oil in hair for longer hours:

Many people tend to leave oil of their hair for an entire day to get better results. But, it is not the duration; it’s a suitable kind of hair oil that works for your hair. Also, it is important to massage you scalp well with you oil; rather than leaving it on your mane. On the other hand, doing so will allow dust and grime to get mixed with hair –causing hair-fall.

Skipping sunscreen when there’s no sun:

This always re-iterated fact is sometimes forgotten by the even the most beauty-conscious ladies! The reason behind it is that we don’t feel the urge of applying it on a cloudy day or winters – of course due to no sunlight these days. But not many know almost 80% of the sun’s rays still reach your skin, even when the sun is hidden by clouds. So, just apply it up! After all, a sunscreen has been proven to reduce the development of skin cancer, prevent facial discolorations and premature wrinkles.

Ignoring the importance of regular trimming:

Do you know that cutting-off damaged ends is the best way to make your crowning glory look more gorgeous and healthier? By getting a regular trim, you can get rid of damaged hair. The base of your hair is most vulnerable to damage – causing split ends and thinner looking mane. The only solution to this is regular trimming at a professional salon; making room for healthy strands to grow, which is much easier to manage than a fragile one.


(The author is the Executive Director of Alps Beauty Clinic)

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