Five tips for corrective make-up

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? But not everyone is blessed with perfectly chiseled features and undoubtedly, has a flaw or two on their faces. To cover-up these imperfections in one’s beauty Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics comes to rescue and throws in some unique Corrective Makeup tips – to hide what you do not want to be seen!

Color Combination: Foremost, it is important to round up on a suitable shade of makeup base. To highlight your features use one shade lighter base of your skin tone. Whereas, to hide the downsides of your face, choose a darker one.

Trick-Makeup: To make a round shaped face appear longer, apply a dark shaded base on both sides of the cheeks. Or, do the similar on both the sides of your nose, if you have a broad nose and make it look sharper. Also, applying a dark shade on the area under your chin will make you conceal your double-chin in no time!

‘Eye’Can: To make big eyes look bigger, apply your eyeliner in the outward direction; this will intensify your peepers. Or, go for thin eyeliner if you have small eyes, whereas a thick line can be applied on the lower water line for making the look more deep-set and sultry.

Pouty Pattern: Line your lips with a suitable hued lip-liner, towards the outer edge before filling-in the lip-color, in order to make them look fuller. On the other hand, for already-pouty lips, apply an ounce of foundation and follow with applying liner inside of the lip-line; fill them well with a lipstick of similar shade to tone them down.

Hair Affair: Beauty is incomplete without a perfect hair-do. Ask your hair-stylist to add few front fringes on your temple, if you have a broad forehead to conceal and take away the attention from it. Moreover, go for a side covering haircut that will cover your cheek-bone area fabulously – in case you have wide jaw-line. Also, in similar case full forehead flicks will hide your temple perfectly.

The Author, Gunjan Gaur is the Executive Director of Alps Beauty Clinic.

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