Five wardrobe mistakes most Indian women make

London: British TV presenters and fashion designers Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine of the TV series "What Not to Wear" fame take a critical look at Indian women wardrobe and suggest what to avoid.

They will be seen talking about the Indian wardrobe on their new show "Trinny & Susannah`s Makeover Mission India", reports

Here`s their five-point checklist of wardrobe mistakes to ward off:

-Sticking to a pallid palette in work wear:

"Don`t just do black with white. Especially when you`re wearing a modern western dress," advises Constantine.

"You have such a great heritage of colours, introduce more of them into your work wardrobe," they both implore. And play with tonal hues -- mix pink with orange, wear red with orange or green with turquoise.

- Wearing skinny jeans:

"Everybody wears skinny jeans to enhance their shape because it`s so fashionable right now," says Woodall.

"A lot of Indian woman are much bigger on their bums, so it`ll be nicer for their body shape if they wore a boot leg or wide leg trouser which will balance out their thighs," she added.

- Hoarding clothes:

Most people get comfortable in one particular style, says Constantine, adding: "The clothes that you always wear are probably safe and repetitive."

Her advice is to put your trust in a good friend who`ll be honest and objective with you and critically evaluate your closet.

"The stuff you never wear is probably because you`re scared of it, or it`s expensive or you bought it on sale. Maybe it doesn`t fit well, then you`re hoping when you lose weight it will," she said.

"Put all your clothes into three piles - clothes you never really wear, clothes you wear sometimes and clothes you always wear," she added, and get rid of what you don`t need in there.

- Overdoing it with jewellery:

Unlike with work wear, Indians are quite brazen with colour when they dress ethnic, which is a good thing. Where they go wrong, says the duo, is with the excessive jewellery.

"Sometimes you`re so overwhelmed by the diamonds and makeup that you see on the woman. We`re just saying have one amazing thing and leave out the rest," the duo added.

- Wearing the wrong bra size:

This is a problem the duo have seen in most countries where they`ve hosted their shows, and India turns out to be no exception.

"There is a need for a bra intervention...," Woodall added.