From office to club: Be party ready in 5 minutes

Updated: Mar 16, 2015, 12:04 PM IST
From office to club: Be party ready in 5 minutes
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Admit it or not, sometimes it becomes inevitable to avoid a party just straight-after a day’s work! And, no matter how hard you try to upkeep the freshness of your face – you always end up failing in it. Shed your worries, as Permanent Makeup expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Gunjan Gaur, reveals five quick tips make your office-to-club look, rock!

Cleanse and Revive:

Often in jiffy, we tend to mess-up with our already-there makeup (like kohl, liner etc.) by unnecessarily washing our face. The task of cleaning our faces can be instead done by those fresh, wet tissues as well – that too in less than a minute. So, before you head out, remove all the dirt and grime off your skin by using these effective wipes that works refreshingly and acts both, as a cleanser and toner for the skin. For peepers, colored liners are a safe bet as they add an instant spark to your eyes. So, just a retouch-up with your kohl, liner and double coats of mascara would suffice as a perfect eye-do for you.

A tint would do!

It’s impossible to save the grace of our face after long and hectic working hours.  So, a tinted moisturizer will add to your purpose by infusing a healthy glow and hiding all the little flaws. Opt for matte-based ones that'll make your face instantly pop up by giving out a healthy sheen. BB cream is one such product which absorbs excess oil and hides acne scars making you pub-ready in a go.

Pouty red!

As, you are already up with your eye makeup; all you would require a bright shade for your lips to flaunt at the bash. Go for rustic or neon shades of red depending upon your skin-tone to be the ultimate lime-light of the occasion. As, crimsons are super-in these days, these would fulfill your fashion urges; by complimenting both, your traditional and modern look.

Smell well:

Looking good can only take you up to a limit, for emerging the best, you've to smell good too. Search for an aluminum-free deodorant that will keep perspiration at bay or opt for easy-to-carry perfumes – just sprinkle some of it before you leave for the day to feel and smell fresh. Go for feminine fragrances – yet strong ones – to keep the party poopers all by your side!

Stay party-ready always:

But, if you consider yourself too lazy for all above actions or are someone who looks for utmost perfection in makeup for any social-do – your one-stop-solution is Permanent Makeup. Go, for permanent kohl, eyeliner, lip-liner, lip-color, eyebrow shaping – the choice remains all yours –depending upon your taste/need of makeup. A permanent makeup will surely endow you with an opportunity to be club-ready all the time!