Gaga`s designer to dress up Katy-Russell

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2010, 08:50 AM IST

London: Comedian Russell Brand and singer Katy Perry have reportedly asked Lady Gaga`s costume designer to create matching latex outfits for their wedding ceremony.

The pair, who got engaged in December after a whirlwind three-month romance, are said to have enlisted the help of singer Lady Gaga`s costume designer, Atsuko Kudo, to prepare the skin-tight outfits ahead of their nuptials in the autumn, reports

Russell Brand and Katy Perry will be wear matching latex outfits for their wedding.

"Russell and Katy have both got a wicked sense of humour and are big fans of Lady Gaga. They wanted unique outfits and no one dresses like her anywhere in the civilised world," said a source.