Gaga’s $2K meat dress is a magnet for flies

Melbourne: New York butchers have cautioned that Lady Gaga’s meat dress can attract flies if Halloween party-goers wear it for too long.

The advice comes after search engine Yahoo’s report that it is the most sought-after Halloween costume.

Among those offering tips and price suggestions was Ben Turley, co-owner of The Brooklyn Kitchen and the Meat Hook in Williamsburg.

He said a meat dress would cost around 1500 to 2000 dollars to make, "but we may reduce that if the lady’s cute".

Turley’s meat dress comes with a health warning and, instead of a discreet designer label, a sell-by date.

He cautioned that the dress would be "highly perishable" and anyone daring enough to wear it "should only do so for a short period, no longer than three hours,” reports

After that, he said, "it’s going to get really wet, really smelly and disgusting and flies will start circling."