Gaga’s meat dress - most popular

New York: If there is one unique costume that everyone is seeking to put on this year in Halloween, it is none other than the bloody meat dress recently donned by Lady Gaga. said that the little bloody dress donned by the diva last month is the most searched for celebrity costume.

A check of local costume shops came up empty, but at least one city butcher is willing to create the getup.

"It would be a challenge, but I think we could make it," a news daily quoted Andrew Ilnicki, a meat carver at the East Village Meat Market on E. Ninth St. as saying.

"You would have to be very skillful; it looked like 15 to 20 pounds of flank steak. It would take 10 hours."

Ilnicki also said that the cost of steaks alone would be150 dollars and the labor involved would take it close to 1,000 dollars.

Other top costumes on are Disney princesses, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber and ‘Jersey Shore’ star Snooki.