Get Ready for Pre-College Makeover

Each one of us has a common college dream – to look like a celebrity as soon as we enter our university gate! The first day of college can make or break your impression – that will last for years to come… So, be prepared to imbibe these quick makeover tips by Makeup Expert, Ms. Gunjan Gaur to turn yourself into a `fashionista` on the very first day of your college-life!

For hairs` sake!

Enough of braids and ponys; you’ve flaunted these at a satisfactory level to school! It’s time to restyle your hair by going for an all-new haircut. A professionally done haircut can bring drastic change in your over all look; all you need to do is to choose the one which suits your face-shape. Moreover, if you do not want to play with the length of your tresses, you may opt for hair-coloring instead to infuse spark in your personality. Go for blonde streaks or a global (all-over) burgundy– you can never go wrong while playing with your hair. But, make sure to choose a professional salon to look classy – not tacky.

Say bye to Blackheads

You spend most of the time in college during the day; and therefore if you are not in habit of going for regular cleanups, skin-problems like, blackheads, whiteheads, become more prominent. Therefore, make sure to go for a thorough clean-up at a professional salon before entering your college premises. It will not only make your face clean and glowing but endow you with a healthy confidence too!

It’s time to get a Sunscreen

We all are aware about sunscreen being helpful in protecting our skin and prevent signs of ageing such as spots and wrinkles. Still, very few are using it on a regular and frequent basis. Some of us who do – apply it either in very small amount or too often in a day. This makes our skin more prone to tan and other skin-woes. So, girls, it’s high time you buy a bottle of sun-guard for yourself as prevention is better than cure! Similarly, for hair remember to use a heat-protecting spray. It forms a protective barrier over the cuticle on the hair strand, preventing damage due to heat and enabling your hair to keep-up its smoothness and shine.

Let your body do the talking!
Taking proper care of your hands and feet is also important, as they are the ones who are subjected to all humidity, grime and dirt all the while you roam around in college. Therefore, indulging in regular manicure and pedicure session at an expert and professional salon is highly recommended. Also, don’t forget to adorn your hands and feet with bright colored nail-paints to compliment your outfits. You may go for Soak-off nail paints, that are super-in these and last up to 20 days.

Unwanted hair! A big no-no
Waxing is the cheapest way to remove all you unwanted hair and you shouldn’t even think twice before going for it. Imagine you go on wearing all your high-end clothing with non-waxed hands! A big no-no isn’t it? Therefore, proper sessions of waxing at an expert salon are recommended to save yourself from the `hair-shame`. You can also go for `Permanent Hair Removal`, a huge rage nowadays amongst the youth to get rid of unwanted hair.

The Author, Gunjan Gaur is the Executive Director of Alps Beauty Clinic.

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