Glenn Close wears her movie costumes

Updated: Sep 06, 2012, 11:10 AM IST

London: Actress Glenn Close says she takes home her outfits which she has worn in TV and film roles because she hates spending money on herself.

The 65-year-old said she hates shopping and does not buy many clothes for herself, so she likes to wear the costumes donned by her screen alter-egos, reported a website.

"I really hate shopping. Maybe a handbag. I don`t spend a lot of money on myself. I`m very lucky I can wear some of the costumes from the Patty Hughes character in the series `Damages`," she said.

The actress also feels that despite commercial films taking over the box office there is still a demand for independent movies.

"Studios make their money with `Spider-Man` and `Transformers`. The big movies make the money and they can`t afford to make the smaller movies because of things such as marketing costs. There will always be independent films and there are the film festivals that are important venues for those movies but it`s never going to be easy.

"It`s challenging and I know there`s an audience for independent films - but they`re not in the 18 to 25 demographic. There are so many different ways to watch films now. The challenge is there are a lot of things competing for people`s attention against films," she added.