Holi special: Prettify and protect yourself this Holi

Holi special: Prettify and protect yourself this Holi
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To wholeheartedly indulge in the festivities of this cheerful festival, Holi, you need to put all the shyness and dilemmas aside. And, to add to this zing, the market is filled with numerous herbal and aromatic color options these days which are totally safe on your skin and hair. But, as your friends/family can come-up to you to shower Holi surprises taking their own colors which might be harmful – you can brace yourself with a little tinge of makeup. This will not only make you appear stunning; but will also protect your skin from chemicals present in artificial colors. Renowned Aesthetician-Cosmetologist & Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Group, Ms. Bharti Taneja, shares some pre-holi makeup tips for you!

*Incept your Holi celebrations massaging your entire face, hair & body with ample amount of olive oil or coconut oil. This will work as a shield and protect your skin from damage which can occur due to synthetic Holi colors.

*As Holi falls in the season of spring, it becomes important to apply a water-proof base for your festival. You can certainly use a mousse for a light yet lovely look. Or, as a quick water-proof base, just apply a two-way-cake after wetting the sponge and attain a smoother finish.

*Happiness comes with a blush on your face. Therefore, using a light blush is recommended on this occasion of happiness. Apply a peach or pink shade of blush-on according to your skin tone to compliment your cheeks this festive season.

 * As, colorful eye makeup marks the real essence of Holi, don’t shy away from trying different hues like; yellow, pink, red and green. Use these colors in both – single and double eye-shadow pattern to mesmerizingly adorn your eyes. The eye-makeup will not only beautify your peepers; but prevent your around-eye area from  the affect of Holi colors. Follow this by applying a cobalt blue, emerald green or fuchsia pink winged liner over your upper lash-line for a doe-eyed look. Now, to make your peepers appear opened-up, apply a coat of mascara. This will not only make your lashes appear longer and thicker; but also protect your eyes from adverse effects of colors.

* Go for lip-colors in light shades if you have made your peepers bold. Otherwise, for a vibrant look you may round upon few bold lip colors such as; crimson red or a ‘fruit-ish’ plum lip-colors. Make sure to choose long-stay and matte lip-colors to protect your pout from being colored and being harmed on Holi. You must avoid glossy and creamy textured lip-colors as it can make the gulal enter your mouth which may be ruinous.

* Oil your hair well before you set out to play, massage you hair throughly with olive or coconut oil. These days, braids and buns are very much in trend and are best suited for this cheerful season festival too. And, as your hair are already oiled, styles like messy, Dutch or French braid or a messy, side or Korean bun can be flaunted with utmost ease. You can further add funky bandanas to this look to have an edge over the others as well as protect your mane from colors this, Holi. 

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