How much does a Brit lady`s purse weigh?

London: The average British woman`s handbag weighs as much as 1.8 kg and it contains things like keys, make-up and food.

A poll showed that a woman`s handbag weighs 4lbs (1.8 kg), which is equal to nearly four bags of sugar.

Daily Express said that the handbags contains things like keys and make-up to empty wrappers, old biscuits and rubbish.

A third of the respondents said that they would be embarrassed if someone looked inside their handbags.

Nearly a quarter of them said that they sort their bag out every five months.

Women in Britain have an average of six handbags.

"It shows just how much we love our handbags," Dariela Roffe-Rackind, of California Almonds which carried out the research, was quoted as saying.


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