How to fix your body hang-ups naturally

IANS| Updated: Apr 26, 2014, 18:48 PM IST

London: Ever thought about going under the knife to fix your body hang-ups a la fuller lips or a slimmer nose? There’s no need!

A team of experts has come up with seven non-surgical fixes for some of the most common body complaints.

Well-applied make-up, clever clothing and a few dietary changes can make a world of difference and will come in at zero pain and a fraction of the cost, reports

* Fuller lips: Some women are lucky enough to have full lips but for the rest of them, instead of pumping them with collagen or botox, try a few make-up tricks.

Before applying any make-up, brush across your lips with a toothbrush. It may sound odd, but in fact it increases the blood flow to your lips, making them appear plumper. To create a fuller look, use a lip pencil to outline your lips - this will help define your lips - and then fill them with your favourite lipstick.

* Slimmer nose: Have you ever wished you had a slimmer, straighter nose? Instead of heading to see the nearest plastic surgeon, try contouring.

By mixing a darker foundation with your natural colour you can create a slimmer shape. Apply a matt finish and then highlight other areas of your face like your cheeks or eyes and you will draw attention away from your nose. There are plenty of free guides to help you achieve the sort of look you’re after.

* Flatter tummy: So liposuction or a tummy tuck may seem an easy way to shed the excess pounds - but no pain, no gain, so cut out all the treats and head down to the gym instead. There is, however, a cheat’s way to give you a helping hand - control undies. We’ve all worn them at some point and they are a must to give you a smooth, streamlined shape.

* Longer, thicker hair: Your hair only grows around a centimetre a month, so if you’re trying to grow out a style or just want longer locks, it’s all about being patient. Unless, of course, you decide to try a wig or hair extensions. Good quality hair extensions or a well fitting wig can take you from a cropped style to luscious long locks in minutes.

If you suffer from thinning hair, it’s certainly worth trying some of the hair growth shampoos, conditioners and leave in treatments which are available. These help stimulate and quicken hair growth.

* Losing dark circles under your eyes: Dark circles and bags under your eyes are all part of aging - but it doesn’t mean we have to like or live with them. Getting enough sleep is a must, and cut down on the caffeine and booze. These can cause mild dehydration making the dark circles more obvious. Also try using a concealer a shade lighter than your norm.

* Smoother skin: Skin peels are popular among women who want to remove fine lines, prevent aging and achieve clearer skin. But you can get similar results simply by making some dietary changes. Ditch the sugary treats and white carbs and replace them with wholegrain carbs like brown rice.