Hugh Grant shares fashion tips

New Zealand: Hollywood actor Hugh Grant has said that he felt terrible when people in their forties dress like teenagers.

Hugh says he finds it embarrassing when his peers try to look stylish, admitting he prefers to dress his age.

"I think there is a tendency for all of us over 30 to dress too young," Stuff. quoted him as telling OK! magazine.

“You walk down the street in New York or in London and all you see is people dressed as teenagers when they``re in their forties. I think that``s terrible,” he added.

The star said that woman has a great influence on a man``s style.

He joked that if men think they look attractive to women in a certain garment they will carry on wearing the same thing for decades.

"I think every man listens to women. If a woman says, ``You look nice in those jeans,`` they``ll go on wearing those jeans for the next 20 years," he added.

The 49-year-old British actor is famed for his classic English style, shunning trends in fashion to stick to his trademark polo shirts, chinos and cashmere pullovers.