I still look like a chipmunk: Katie Price

London: Katie Price aka Jordan has compared herself with a "chipmunk".

"Do you know, on my Hen we all had filler, Botox, lip, and I said: `No, I`m not doing it again!` They`re like: `Oh we did Kate`, and I`m like: `Oh go on, I`ll have a little bit,` the Mirror quoted her as telling ITV1`s This Morning.

"But when I had it done... it looked awful but it`s all going down now. The thing is, it doesn`t last forever which is good. But no, I still look like a chipmunk."

Asked what motivates her to undergo Botox, the star said: "It`s not permanent. Yeah, no it`s mad, but then I blame my friends and my family because we all did it."

Katie denied she was addicted to the treatment, saying: "No, if you have the proper stuff, like I`ve seen some people who go too far... but the odd jab of Botox and that - it`s like, everyone does it.

"It`s so obvious what celebrities have had it these days, and they`re like: `Oh no, I`m natural. It`s absolute rubbish," she added.


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