I used to cry about why I wasn`t thinner: Melissa McCarthy

PTI| Updated: Jun 30, 2014, 08:41 AM IST

London: `Bridesmaids` star Melissa McCarthy says she struggled with her body image. The 43-year-old actress said that she used to regularly cry about how she looked, reportedly.

"In my 20s I used to cry about why I wasn`t thinner or prettier, but I want to add that I also used to cry about things like: `I wish my hair would grow faster. I wish I had different shoes,`" she said.

"I was an idiot... It`s a decade of tears. I`ve never felt like I needed to change. I`ve always thought, `If you want somebody different, pick somebody else.` But sure, criticism can sometimes still get to me. Some things are so malicious, they knock the wind out of you," she said.