Idris Elba dating make-up artist?

London: Actor Idris Elba is reportedly dating make-up artist Naiyana Garth and their relationship is beginning to get serious after she was introduced to his family and friends recently.

The 41-year-old star secretly struck up a relationship with Garth months ago, reported Sun Online.

"They`ve been together for a few months but it`s really ramped up recently. They get on brilliantly and she`s a real hit with his family and friends. Idris is known as a ladies` man but he`s really not at all. He`d rather have banter at the bar than spend all night grafting on women. Although he doesn`t have to try anyway, women flock to him," a source said.

However, the ‘Pacific Rim’ star, who has 11-year-old daughter, Isan, with his ex-wife Dormowa Sherman, previously insisted fame had ruined his love life as the only women who approach him nowadays are autograph-hunters.

"Look, you probably think I`m out there all the time. But there`s no way. They`re all my fans. I miss the days when me and my boys could go to a barbecue, and go, `Who`s that shorty girl over there?`," he said.

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