Issa London among Kate Middleton`s favorite

London: Already a fashion icon, the clothing of princess-to-be Kate Middleton is often analyzed. Whether the outfits are praised or criticized, it can easily be said that the clothing and styles worn by Middleton are some of the most sought after in the world.

In fact, after the release of Middleton and Prince William`s engagement photos, the blue Issa wrap dress she wore in some of the pictures quickly sold out in stores — not a cheap buy, at about £395, or $535, according to the Daily Mail. Before long, a more inexpensive version of the dress was produced, the imitation selling for only £16.

Whatever the cost, the royal blue Jersey wrap dress worn by Middleton for the photos likely will become a piece of fashion history. Created by Brazilian fashion designer Daniella Helayel, the dress is just one of many in Helayel`s collections worn by Middleton.

The founder of Issa London, Helayel first gained her experience working as a buyer and consultant. Before long, she began showing the Issa label at London Fashion week, and within the first year, the first Issa collection was picked up by Daslu in Brazil. The second Issa collection was picked up by Maria Luisa in Paris, and by 2003, just three years after Helayel began promoting the label, the Issa brand could be found in Barney`s New York.

Today, the Issa label can be found in most upscale stores around the world, including Harrod`s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Some time along the way, Issa gained a fan in Middleton, who has been wearing the label for at least five years. Issa is a favorite of Middleton, who can often be seen wearing the trademark silk, solid color dresses. Becoming a favorite of the future queen of England in such short time is not bad work for Helayel and the Issa brand, which is less than a decade old.

Helayel began her line because she could not find a dress to wear, according to her website.

"I wanted a dress that made me feel comfortable and glamorous at the same time, one that could take me anywhere, from work to play, from the bedroom to the boardroom" Helayel says on her site.

Perhaps Middleton is a fan of the dresses for many of the same reasons as other well-to-do women around the world: The timeless pieces are feminine, yet realistic and functional. The solid colors, fun prints and flowing fabric helps to hide imperfections while often helping the person wearing the dress to look — or at least feel — sexy and sophisticated.

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