It`s a scary wakeup call for Rohit Bal: Arjun Rampal

Mumbai: Model-turned-actor Arjun Rampal says his mentor and pal, designer Rohit Bal, will now be more cautious about his health and exercise restraint, having suffered a heart attack two months ago.

"It was a scary wakeup call for Rohit. He is recovering. But it will take time. He will now be far more cautious about his health. Who doesn`t want to live? We all need to exercise restraint and keep regular hours," Arjun told reporters.

The actor has two very contrasting releases ‘Housefull’, which is releasing Friday, and ‘Raajneeti’ will hit the screens June 4.

Everyone is wondering why is he missing from the promotional songs of ‘Housefull’. "The `Apni to jaise taise` track is my song. I am very happy with both `Raajneeti` and `Housefull`. And now I start shooting for `Ra.One` and `Don 2`."

While he`s tight-lipped about his roles in both these Shah Rukh Khan starrers, he does let out that his character Jasjit will lose his limp in ‘Don 2’.

"Don`t ask me how. In two years, he just lost it. That`s how Farhan Akhtar sees my character. I will go by his vision," he said.

For the villain`s role in ‘Ra.One’, Arjun will be getting into an elaborate get-up and make-up for the first time.

"Why first time? I had a special look for `Rock On!`. I had gown my hair to my waist. I guess when we do the sequel, I`ll have to grow my hair again. Or we can say the guy lost his hair while the audience was not looking," he said.

About being cast as villain first by Farah Khan in ‘Om Shanti Om’ and then in ‘Ra.One’, Arjun said, "I suppose I`ve a face that renders itself well to a different kind of villainy. My black characters are not over-the-top."