Jean Paul Gaultier inspired by Amy Winehouse

London: French designer Jean Paul Gaultier says the late Amy Winehouse is his biggest inspiration because of her voice and her Gaultier-style look.

The 60-year-old recently sparked controversy when he put out a collection based on her look, but said that he has always thought of her look as incredible, reported Contactmusc.

"When I saw Amy, I was amazed at her voice, even though I knew she was in such a bad state. Her look was incredible - with her sailor tattoos and clothes she was so Gaultier! At her show, I was too shy to go and see her backstage. Amy Winehouse is my biggest inspiration. She`s beautiful," he said.

Gaultier also said that he was upset to think her father Mitch was not happy with his homage to her.

"I was upset they were upset. I wrote to her father Mitch to explain that my intention was to pay homage to her talent. Since her death the media has focused too much on her problems, my show was intended as a celebration of her. The world has lost someone amazing who will never come again," he added.