Jennifer Hudson still trying to figure out how to dress

London: Singer-actress Jennifer Hudson says she is still trying to figure out how to dress her new figure after losing over 80lbs over the past two years.

The 30-year-old has lost over 80lbs since giving birth to son David in August 2009 and while she has developed a new love of fashion, she still can`t decide on what look she wants to go for, reported Femalefirst.

"I just love fashion now. It`s so much more flexible, and there are so many more options out there now. I feel like my own little Barbie doll - I get to dress myself up. I hated heels before, but that`s all I wear now.

"But because it`s a new body, I`m trying to find out, how do I want to be perceived? Who is this new me? I knew how to be the big girl, but now I have to find out how to be this girl," Hudson said.

Although, she is happy with her new figure, the singer recently said she was furious when she was photoshopped by a magazine to look slimmer than she was.

"It`s like, `Where`s the rest of me?` They Photoshopped me probably to the size I am now on that cover, when we all know I was nowhere near that.

"To me, it did not send out a good message. And it did not represent me well. Did I not just prove that talent is enough if I made it this far? Being who I am, being the size that I am?"