Jerry Hall reveals why she took up modeling

London: Texan supermodel Jerry Hall has revealed how her first and only experience with drugs inspired her to take up modeling.

In an interview with US Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Hall, 54, said that taking LSD as a teenager gave her the motivation to exploit her good looks.

“A boy gave me a quarter of a tab. I didn’t know what it was!” a daily quoted her as recalling the incident that took place at a party in high school.

“I actually had never taken drugs and was very nervous. And I never did take drugs (afterward) ever, ever.

“But I locked myself in the bathroom and spent the whole night staring in the mirror, going, ‘Oh, my God’. All of a sudden, I thought, Wow!” she revealed.

Then a few weeks before her 17th birthday she decided to take the plunge and flew to Paris.

“I sort of had a turning thing. One of those moments where you decide you’re going to do something really wild. And I did it,” she added.


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