Jessie J cringes at her fashion sense

London: Singer Jessie J says she will be careful from next time onwards with her fashion sense.

The 25-year-old singer, who has gone through an image makeover in the last year with crazy catsuits and a shaved head, said she cringes at her `clown-like get-ups` when she looks back on old photographs of herself, reported Contactmusic.

"I sent (old pictures) to all my friends the other day and said, `If I ever dress like this again, don`t let me out of the house`.

"I think I`m still edgy and I still take risks. I still wear high-waisted knickers on stage with a little crop top, but I don`t want to be a clown. I think I`ve definitely evolved into being a bit more presentable," she said.

The `Price Tag` hitmaker, who quit her job as a mentor on `The Voice` UK, tries to take advantage of her free time to work on her body.

"I`m in the studio and recording, I`ll do 40 squats because legs do sag and that`s all I was given, so I`ve got to look after them. I have my little things, but I don`t sit and moan about them.

"I go, `Oh, I`ve got a little bit of cellulite, then I get off my arse and do squats, drink loads of water and look after myself," she added.