Joan Collins is the svelte new face of Snickers

London: Hollywood legend Joan Collins, famous for maintaining a fabulous figure, is the new face for Snickers.

The 78-year-old has a secret penchant for chocolate, and the peanut-filled bar - which has 511 calories - is said to be her favourite.

“Joan has always been a chocolate lover. Although she has expensive tastes in most things, when it comes to chocolate it’s a case of the cheaper the better,” the Daily Mail quoted a source as saying.

“People don’t expect her to eat anything too calorific but she likes Snickers and she has a constant struggle to control her cravings.

“The advert will be about the fact that she’s a glamorous older woman with a perfect figure and yet she loves chocolate bars. It will be very funny,” the source said.

According to insiders, Collins will be paid a five-figure sum, and she flew in to London last week to film the advert.

The four-times married star, who famously played Alexis Carrington in Dynasty, will replace the A-Team’s Mr T - another Eighties icon - as the face of Snickers.


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