John Galliano`s case to be heard in labour court

Los Angeles: French designer John Galliano`s case against former employers Christian Dior Couture SA and John Galliano SA will be heard in a labour court, reports

The Paris Court of Appeals rejected an appeal by Dior, which was seeking to move the case to a commercial court, and ordered the companies to each pay the fashion designer 2,500 euros in addition to court costs.

Christian Dior Couture SA and John Galliano SA have two months to appeal the ruling by the Paris Court of Appeals Thursday.

Christian Dior Couture stands by Galliano`s dismissal, stating: "The decision to fire Mr. Galliano as a result of these incidents is based on fundamental principles and the rule of law. Christian Dior Couture reaffirms its attachment to the rules of human respect and non-discrimination, which it expects all of its collaborators, without exception, to adhere to strictly."

Galliano was fired in March 2011 after 15 years as the couturier at Dior, following a number of public outbursts, including the use of racist and anti-Semitic insults.

After the comments made in a Paris cafe, he was also ousted from the fashion house that bears his name.

The designer blamed work-related stress and multiple addictions during the trial on charges of public insult in June 2011.