Jordan accused of iPod rip-off

London: Jordan has been accused of an i-pod rip off, for she’s charging almost double the normal Apple price on some of her personalised iPod products.

Kate’s iPod models are customised with her own designs and some even contain her KP crest.

The range, which she launched wearing a silver catsuit last month, are for sale via her two websites, meaning that she can charge any price she likes.

The average top-of-the-range Apple iPod Touch retails for around 270 pounds but Kate is charging 125 pounds more for a customised version at 395 pounds.

It has no extra music features and is simply decorated with her own designs and colour schemes.

The iPod Shuffle normally sells via Apple and other stores for 45 pounds but Kate is selling her own version for 81pounds. And a Kate Price 16GB iPod Nano sells for 208 pounds while the Apple original is just 159 pounds.

She claims her range boasts an “intricate design which is laser cut into the body of the products”.

This apparently means that the design will never “fade, distort or rub off”.

“Kate Price is going to milk that for every penny because she’s greedy but that’s not right,” the Daily Star quoted Dr Adrian Rogers, from campaign group Family Focus, as saying.

A spokesman for Kate said last night: “Kate’s team are very aware that this is a premium product and have kept the prices as low as possible.

“We do not expect or put pressure on anyone to buy her products,” the Spokesman added.