Judy Garland’s dress in `Wizard of Oz` made from cheapest material

London: Judy Garland’s iconic ‘Wizard of Oz’ outfit of white, puff-sleeved blouse and blue gingham pinafore dress, cost merely a few pennies to make, it has been revealed.

It is the only surviving version of the simple outfit, designed by fabled film costumier Adrian, from the 1939 classic movie and was seen in every frame in which Garland appeared as Kansas farm girl Dorothy Gale.

“There were back-up costumes, but none were used and almost all were lost over time. What we are selling is the one and only original,” the Daily Express quoted Caroline Galloway, spokeswoman for Julien’s Auctions, as saying.

She anticipates an opening bid of 124,000 pounds will be exceeded “as much as fivefold” by collectors who have long considered the outfit a holy grail of film memorabilia.

Adrian ran it up on an old sewing machine, taking care to use only the cheapest material, so that as Dorothy skipped along the Yellow Brick Road it looked like something her Aunty Em might have made.

“Its sheer simplicity and astonishingly pristine condition make it one of the most important items we have ever brought to auction,” Galloway said.

“There is enormous worldwide interest,” she added.

It was entered in the sale by a private collector whose businessman husband bought it for her for 140,000 pounds in 2005.


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