Julien Macdonald thinks men`s fashion is having a `moment`

London: Fashion designer Julien Macdonald says men`s fashion is coming to the forefront.

"There is a fashion high, but it isn`t coming from women, it is coming from men. Men are having a major fashion moment. A lot of guys out there are being super trendy," said the designer.

"We are seeing a lot of beards and a lot of moustaches and a lot of men are feeling inspired by clothes. It`s a great time for men`s fashion at the moment - it`s not just for girls," added Macdonald.

Macdonald, who judged "Britain`s Next Top Model", presented three catwalk shows at NE1`s Newcastle Fashion Week and was impressed by the creativity he witnessed and believes it is vital to celebrate local emerging talent.

"I`m here to support everyone who loves fashion. We have a lot of talented designers that come from the North. I couldn`t single out one particular designer but there is a lot of emerging talent and there are some great universities and fashion colleges that have a great reputation for bringing out some great designers," he said.