Justin Bieber, a hairstylist in the making

Los Angeles: He maybe ruling the musical charts with his pop numbers but according to his groomer, teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber is also an "amazing" hairstylist.

The 16-year-old singer is constantly begging his groomer Vanessa Price to let him style her hair and she was delighted with the results when he recently gave her a trim, People magazine reported.

"He actually trimmed my bangs! He`s going to be an amazing hair stylist once his career is over," Vanessa said.

The `Baby` hit-maker, who is known for his trademark blonde floppy locks, but Vanessa insists his look takes her very little time to achieve.

"He`s got beautiful gorgeous skin, gorgeous hair that knows exactly where it wants to go. On a given day it`s five minutes and out - very easy. It`s all about texturing layers. We just use nice shampoo and conditioner. We brush it forward. We kind of tell it where to go. I like using my fingers to get a little piece-y at the ends," she said.

"A little bit of the hair flick, is definitely, definitely used for flirting - not just him, but boys in general, I`ve noticed," Vanessa added.



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