Justin Bieber gets new inking

Los Angeles: Teen Pop star Justin Bieber recently showed off his new inking - a Japanese Kanji symbol for music.

The 18-year-old revealed the tattoo, which is very tiny and sits opposite his `Believe` tattoo on his left arm, as he made his way through LAX airport, reported Radar Online.

Flashing a peace sign as he posed for photographs with fans, the ‘Baby’ hitmaker looked a little tired as he walked through the airport.

The singer already has a collection of six tattoos. In March he had a praying hand inking etched onto his leg, which is thought to represent the power of prayer and the Almighty.

Bieber underwent his first inking of a bird on his hip at the age of 16, and followed it with the Hebrew word for Jesus on his ribcage.

Continuing with his collection of religious tattoos, the Canadian singer later had an image of Jesus etched onto his left leg.