Kate Middleton doesn`t accept Kim Kardashian’s dress

Zeenews Bureau

Delhi: So while a few days back Kim Kardashian and her fans were gung-ho about the latter expressing desire for Kate Middleton to dress up in a dress designed by Kim, seems like everything is not as hunky-dory as people would like it to be. The British royal, known for being an exponent of both high street and designer fashion, didn’t accept the package sent by the Kardashians.

The dress, which is one from the Kardashian sisters’ Dorothy Perkins range, wasn’t really able to make it to Middleton’s wardrobe. A source informed the Examiner magazine: “Kate is hardly going to turn up for an event with the queen in a cheap leopard-print miniskirt or gold sequined jacket.”

A representative of the Duchess has also clearly stated that most of the gifts that Middleton has received are being returned. They told a website, “In general terms, the policy of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is not to accept any unsolicited gifts unless the sender is known personally to His or Her Royal Highness. Any such gifts are returned to the sender with thanks and an explanation of Their Royal Highnesses` policy.”

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