‘Kate Middleton no trend setter, only a trend follower’, say US fash-pack

Updated: Sep 15, 2011, 08:51 AM IST

London: The fashion director at a leading department store chain in the US has said that Kate Middleton is merely following trends rather than setting trends.

Gregg Andrews, a fashion director at Nordstrom also said “You wouldn’t look twice at Kate Middleton on a New York street”.

“If you take Kate out of the Royal Family, put her on a street in New York, you wouldn’t look at her twice,” the Daily Mail quoted Andrews as saying.

“She’s a beautiful woman, but she blends into a crowd,” Andrews stated.

According to Elle fashion news director Anne Slowey, the Duchess of Cambridge, who is responsible for the Kate Effect – anything she wears sells out within days, is the very opposite of fashionable and the public is obsessed about what she wears only due to her royal status.

“Is she a style icon of the likes of a Kate Moss? Absolutely not. Is she in the public eye? Are people going to become obsessed with everything she wears regardless of what it is? Yes,” Slowey added.