Kate Moss buys Sadie Frost expensive ring

Los Angeles: Model-designer Kate Moss has bought her best friend, actress Sadie Frost, a ring worth 25,000 pounds (over $37,000) on her 48th birthday.

However, Frost`s boyfriend James Gooding is said to be angry at being upstaged by the "lavish" present, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"Kate really pushed the boat out for Sadie`s 48th birthday. They`ve been friends for 15 years and Kate wanted to spoil her but Sadie`s fella scoffed when he saw the lavish gift," said a source.

"He thinks it`s ostentatious and an inappropriate present from one friend to another, especially as it`s not even a milestone birthday. James really feels like Kate is stepping on his toes. He thinks the decadent gift is a way to put him in his place and show that Sadie`s real bond lies with her friends," the source added.