Kate Moss to move out of her ‘jinxed’ pad?

Updated: May 29, 2010, 15:31 PM IST

London: Model Kate Moss has started searching for a new house as she thinks her Primrose Hill pad in London is jinxed, sources say.

The beauty suffered an estimated 100,000 pounds worth of damage when sewage poured into her place last week.

Also, burglars recently got away with art works including a portrait by Banksy worth 80,000 pounds.

"The flood then the burglary has left her shaken and upset. She wants a fresh start,” the Sun quoted a source, as saying.

The insider added: “The floors are totally bowed in the basement and ground levels and there are builders in there now to get it in a saleable state.

"The entire kitchen has to be gutted, as well as all the utility rooms downstairs.”

Moss has decided to move out of the house, following the mishaps.

The source said: “She just can``t face any more disruption. She is moving out for the summer while her aides look for a new pad for her.”