Katy Perry dons UK-US hybrid rubber dress to remain neutral during WC

New York: Over the weekend, Katy Perry wore a rubber World Cup dress designed specifically for her that showed her loyalty to both the England and the US soccer teams.

England’s Union Jack on one side and America’s US Glory on the other side covered Perry’s World Cup dress.

The 25-year-old singer was told that her dress was delayed while on a flight to UK where she was being interviewed on James Corden’s World Cup Live talk show, reports The New York Daily News.

“Another amazing race for a dress has happen again. plane had 2 emergency stop cuz someone passed away mid flight! So sad,” Perry tweeted.

“So we’ll see if the dress makes it in time. If not, my world cup convo is gonna take a beating on the chat show, she added.

“EVERYBODY WINS!!! I LIKE THAT. Plus as an american marrying a Englishman, I am divided,” Perry tweeted.



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