Kelly Clarkson prefers comfort over style

Los Angeles: Singer Kelly Clarkson says for her, fashion is all about comfort.

"I think you should be comfortable," a website has quoted singer as saying.

The 30-year-old, known for writing songs about heartbreak, has been dating talent manager Brandon Blackstock since last year. She admits that when it comes to costumes, the entertainment industry is very funny.

"This is such a funny industry. Sometimes I turn on awards shows and pop stars are wearing alien costumes. I`m like, that`s cool for you but ain`t no way in hell someone is going to convince me to wear that on stage," she said.

"Not only can the music be formulaic, but the attire can be formulaic. Just like music, with style there is room for everything and it might not be every one`s cup of tea but it is that person`s thing.

"I don`t want to wear no stiletto. I am not a model and I am not Beyonce (Knowles). It is not going to happen," she added.